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Lot 5 Update

17 Dec

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Las Palmas Update

17 Dec

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Watkins House Update

13 Dec

Watkins House Watkins House Watkins House Watkins House Watkins House Watkins House Watkins House Watkins House Watkins House

Watkins House Update

4 Dec

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Las Palmas Update

21 Nov

The Latest Work at Las Palmas…

10 Nov

Check out the most recent photos at Las Palmas taken November 9, 2012.

For more information about the Las Palmas development, please go to:

Professional Marketing Agency and Full Expat Service Coming to Puerto Cayo

9 Nov

steve and dana watkins in puerto cayo ecuador

PUERTO CAYO, ECUADOR – Two new client-based, professional service businesses are set to establish headquarters in Puerto Cayo, Ecuador on January 1.

Steve Watkins, founder of the agencies, said his corporation, The Legacy Firm, LLC, will launch a commercial marketing company and a full expat guide service beginning on the new year.

“With steadily improving infrastructure on roads and utility services, and the growing number of developments along the Ecuadorian coast, we see a valuable commodity in providing professional services for those who are working to promote their business, and the ever-increasing number of potential expatriates and tourists who are exploring new opportunities,” Watkins said.

Watkins said his agency recognized that many businesses and property development companies are looking to expose their work not only to local and regional population, but to a growing global market being drawn to all that Ecuador has to offer.

“And based on the current trends, we know the demand for these services will grow well into the future. Retirees, entrepreneurs and families who simply desire a new quality of life are researching and finding the Ecuadorian coast. We want to help them, acclimate them, and welcome them to a great way of life.”

We passionately pursue and develop cutting-edge global advertising and communication strategies to partner with business clients and entepreneurs who lead and pioneer Ecuador’s emerging economic initiatives in tourism and related services.
marketing ad agencies in ecuador
Connecting Ecuador to the WORLD through mutually beneficial business relationships and alliances that collectively benefit from effective communication initiatives and an ever-increasing awareness of all that Ecuador has to offer.

PRO Ecuador Marketing offers strategic promotional counsel to business looking to grow their market and exposure. Services offered will include:

  • Website development
  • Ad campaign services
  • Social media branding and marketing
  • Professional photography
  • Blog development and coaching
  • Brochure, business card and other print services
  • Special event planning
  •  YouTube video promotions, and more

expat services in ecuador

Ecuador Guided Tours will provide full expat services ranging from:blogging expat services in ecuador

  • Airport transportation to and from
  • Real estate assistance and counsel
  • Coastal tours
  • Blog documentation with photos and text
  • One-on-One counsel and overviews: How to Live and Thrive in Ecuador
  • Golf & Fishing excursions
  • Professional downloadable photos
  • Artisan markets
  • Additional destinations including Quito and the Galapagos
  • Free email subscription to our semi-monthly newsletter: EXPAT ECUADOR

steve and dana watkins marketing business in ecuador“When our family made its first exploratory trip to Ecuador it was just us, a rental car and a map. The services of a professional guide would have saved us an investment of time and money, but those services weren’t available locally,” Watkins said. “Our team will help exploring expats and travelers make the most of their valuable time in a very affordable price structure.”

Services for Ecuador Guided Tours may be viewed at

Services for PRO Ecuador Marketing will soon be available at

For more information, contact Watkins at, or stateside, contact him at 870-926-4055.


Preparing Your Expat Checklist: Our Take So Far

8 Nov

expat preparation for ecuador

When you do something you’ve never done before, sometimes, you just have to “feel” your way through it.

And it’s one thing to buy a new house, or a car, or change jobs where you are, but when you’re preparing to do all those things in a country 6,000 miles away, the concept takes on a whole new meaning.

Today, Dana and I find ourselves 42 days out from a move that includes all those things and much more.

For the last five months, we’ve worked long-distance with Gary and April Scarborough at  to buy property and build a home from the ground up in Puerto Cayo. It’s a matter of days now, before the home is complete, and for the most part, it’s been easier than building a house where we were on site.

las palmas properties

The latest construction photo of our home in Puerto Cayo, Ecuador. It should be complete in a few weeks.

Funny thing is, the house building was the easy part. Now, with 42 days and counting, it seems now that our expat checklist for making the real move to Ecuador is a monster of its own and there’s not enough time in single day to do everything that needs to be done. And we’ve been told by other expats who’ve been in our shoes, to enjoy and savor the moment, because this is the fun part!

With the calendar moving quickly, these are the many tasks and questions we must complete and ask of ourselves.

  • We have property here in the states: a house and two vehicles. How will those things be cared for in our absence? What about insurance on those real properties? What of utilities, cable TV and other services? Do we maintain the same levels of insurance or downgrade?
  • How do we create income in a foreign land? (pretty important) What methods will we use to pay bills both abroad and in the states? What are the tax ramifications? For the marketing and expat service businesses we’ll be launching we find it important to start making contacts on the ground now, rather than later, and with those businesses, how will we promote them? There are websites to be built, blog posts to be made, mission and vision statements to create, cards to be printed, advertising to consider.
  • Packing? Realistically, what will we take, what will we leave behind? There’s only so much you can put in a suitcase and two carry-ons.
  • In Ecuador, what’s our mission for the church? It’s important to us, and we’re moving to a country that’s 95 percent Roman Catholic.
  • What media is best suited to communicate regularly with family and friends back home?
  • On arrival, there’s a brand new, but empty house to furnish. Where will we buy and how much will it cost?
  • How frequently will we return to the states? It’s not cheap. And for our businesses in Ecuador, how do we set them up in such a way that we can manage them in either Ecuador or the U.S.?
  • And oh, yes, we seriously need to brush up on our Latin American spanish.check list for expats moving abroad

Most days we find ourselves wondering when we’ll wake up and realize it’s all only a dream. It all seems surreal to be making preparations for a dream you’ve had since you were a kid with a pen pal.

And while it’s all overwhelming at certain moments, it’s also one of the most exciting times in our life.

We’re looking forward to becoming part of a new culture, learning new ways, making new friends and expanding our horizons. And yet, each day, the reality of the checklist grows, and the clock is running.

Now …. back to that to-do list. Talk about making a list and checking it twice!



Las Palmas Update 10-29-12

29 Oct

Atlanta-Cuenca-Puerto Cayo: The Scarboroughs on House Hunters International

28 Oct

(Blogger’s Note: For a behind-the-scenes look at the Scarborough’s experience on House Hunters International, check out this post:

And for more information about their beachside development in Puerto Cayo, Ecuador, go to, or you may email me @